An anchor destination in one of Nashville’s most exciting neighborhoods, Charlotte Park.

Designed and built by the visionaries behind Stocking 51, Breeze Block is Vintage South’s latest development in West Nashville. Breeze Block will become the neighborhood hub of Charlotte Park, housing the area’s newest shops, eateries, and offices, as well as 24 three-story townhomes complete with 2-car garages.

Relax and unwind. Get out and play. There’s something for everyone.

Breeze Block involves an adaptive reuse of the Proctor Marble & Granite building at the corner of Robertson and Vernon, and a newly designed two-story commercial space that complements Charlotte Park’s unique feel. Locals and visitors can explore 39,000 square feet of restaurants, boutiques, retail destinations, and distinct office spaces.


Each of Breeze Block’s 24 for-sale townhomes includes 2,000 square feet of carefully designed living space intuitively spread across three stories, with attached two-car garages. The homes can be accessed from both Robertson and Vernon Avenues and are in close proximity to the Cumberland River.

Reimagined by
Vintage South

Breeze Block’s design is attuned to the principles that guide each and every Vintage South build, combining the charm of modern living with the character of traditional structures. Development has been led by Vintage South founder Nathan Lyons, who is deeply passionate about creating timeless projects that can make every resident and tenant feel proud of their community’s architectural heritage.